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What is Effective Aid

  • We work on the basis of needs of the victims, not donor's priorities.
    Aid should be given to people regardless of race or religion, and should be given on the basis of people's needs. The needs of the people affected by the disaster are assessed by competent authorities, and the Irish aid agencies will inform the Irish public of the specific type of assistance that is (and is not) needed.

  • Aid must be appropiate.
    All aid must help people in need and it must be the right kind. Humanitarian assistance given by aid agencies should be based on accurate information received from the disaster area and be provided in consultation with the local authorities and communities. There should be no double standards in quality. If the quality of an item is unacceptable in the donor country then it is also unacceptable as a donation

  • Aid must be cost-effective.
    Inevitably, there are costs involved in delivering aid but every precaution must be taken to ensure that all money is used in the best way possible to alleviate the effects of the disaster.



  • We work in partnership with others.
    Irish aid agencies work through established coordination mechanisms such as UN bodies and government structures, to ensure that the correct aid reaches the people who need it. We will ensure to co-ordinate our efforts so that we don't duplicate work or waste valuable resources.

  • Our aid saves livelihoods as well as lives.

    In our efforts to assist the victims of disasters we take account of future needs as well as immediate needs. Our assistance will lay the foundations for reconstruction and redevelopment and we will be involved in assisting the affected people for a minimum of three years. Our emergency aid should serve to reduce the risks of future disasters.

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